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We do not provide template based programs!​


My team and I are here to help you create and achieve your nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle goals in a sustainable and healthy way.

You are no stranger to the ups and downs of a fitness journey and we are with you to hand-hold you to make it as simple as possible for you.

Let me show you how!

Bhavini P

(NY, NY).​

Trina is an amazing trainer. She made me feel more accountable and helped me changed my lifestyle in very little time. I saw great results physically but more than that she taught me to focus and prioritize my health. This taught me how to love myself and become a confident person. I was truly blessed to have found Trina. She made a big difference in my life and the way I look at fitness. Thank you sooooo much Trina!​

When you have tried it all and nothing works

Losing weight and gaining muscle is not all about having the perfect macros or the best designed plan, if it is not customized for you and you do not have a coach who understands you then nothing would actually work.

We Coach You to help you become better version of you.

Because we do not want you to keep trying fad diets over and over again and see no results

We want to help you work on your lifestyle to keep away from various lifestyle disorders

We do not want you to forever live in the vicious BINGE-RESTRICT cycle

We want to ensure this journey is a smooth and comfortable one by giving you sustainable plans


We would love to transform you!


Let's get Inspired 🙂

Shriti Bhojak

South Africa

Living in Africa , we never had the liberty to have coaches and diet plans which would suit our Indian lifestyle. Trina Roy is highly knowledgeable and she has helped me change my eating habits. She was always so confident and kept on telling me to trust her . Her diet charts are very easy to follow and had a good amount of variety which will never leave you starving.​

How does this work?


Enroll under a program of your choice

Upon confirmation you will be sent an initial client questionnaire. This intake form is designed to understand more about your background, goals, needs, and limiting factors and to screen for any nutrition red flags before getting started!


Initial Consult with the Coach

Your questionnaire will be reviewed by your coach — yes, a real coach! Not some algorithm or template that tells you what and when to eat based on nothing more than your current weight, but a coach with real life coaching experience. Get on a call, pour your heart out and discuss all your concerns!


Receive your Custom Diet & Workout Plans

You will receive all your programs on the app. Once you get all your essentials ready, get started with your plans and start logging everything so that we know what you are upto! The app will remind you about your workouts and notify us as soon as you log it in!


Update your weekly progress for course correction

Upon completion of a week, you will be asked to send us your updates and e will get on a call and understand how your week went and what changes are needed going forward.


Receive Accountability, Support & Unlimited Access Throughout

What about the questions in between? We are all available on Telegram and a dedicated chat group would be created where you can reach out to me and my entire team at all times. And if we do not hear from you, we will make sure to nudge you!

Coaching Packages

We know everyone is starting this fitness journey from different places. Whether you’re an Ironman competitor or haven’t broken a sweat in years, there’s a plan for you!. Each plan is outfitted with trainers who have years of experience developing movements, building nutrition plans, and perfecting exercises that’ll have you seeing the results that you want.

Transformation Program

5000 / per month
  • Customized Diet & Workout Plans
  • Weekly Check-ins
  • 24/7 support
  • 12 week minimum commitment

Buddy Transformation

10,000 8667 / month
  • All of transformation package
  • Add a buddy for free
  • Get individual plans for both
  • Instant Savings

How are we different?

  • Certified team of Coaches

    That's right. All the internationally certified coaches have hand-picked and trained by me.

  • Dedicated App Support

    All programs will be assigned over a dedicated app with a portal for easy access

  • Team Based Approach

    As a team, we will steer you whenever you are going off track while being strict and not forgetting to be empathetic

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction​

    We work hard to reach 100% satisfaction, and won't stop to serve you with our best services

Meet my Team!

I take pride in introducing my team! They have all gone through the same journey and they really understand what it takes to transform someone!

Shrusti Adi

Nutrition & Fitness Coach

Fun & Chirpy, strict yet chilled - The best person who brings balance to our team and helps us stay positive

Kimaya Kamat

Nutrition & Fitness Coach

She rocks her nutrition with her curries, rice & everything nice. Ask her how she raised over all the naysayers and slayed her way to fitness.

Mahima Singh

Nutrition & Fitness Coach

Losing 30 kgs, while rocking her 9-5 job & learning new skills everyday, she reminds us to not forget to take care of ourselves while working on others

Usha Shastri

Client Relationship Manager

Only person in our team who has an accent & really knows how to keep our clients happy

Anuja Mankar

Marketing Head

Youngest and the most fun in the team who helps boring people like me to stay up to date with all things marketing and happening!

Himanshu Bisht

Creative Head

He brings all our ideas to life, all our social media platforms are made colorful by him!

Jyothi Chamarthy​

Denver, CO

Trina is a great coach, regular in monitoring the progress and uploading diet charts.I have found her to be immensely knowledgeable and very friendly.I achieved what I aimed for and the journey was very smooth. Thanks Trina, for bringing out the best in me.​


We've got A's for your Q's

A: After payment, you’ll receive an information sheet, to fill out. This sheet will have all necessary info needed to give your plans.​

A. The diet is changed depending on the progress made. The check-ins will be done every week, however any changes in the diet and training program will be dependent on the progress, adherence to the diet and based on the discretion of the coach.​

A: Upon receiving the info sheet, you will be sent a calendar link to book a call appointment with the team after which you will get plans. This may take 1-2 working days after the first call.​

A. Yes, the diets are based on the individual and will be customized as per the person. However, we try to keep the foods same to make it easy as a family to follow the diet.​

A. You can reach out to me and my entire team on the Telegram group that is created.​

A. Customer Satisfaction is our primary goal! You can get a refund if you do not like our services within the first 30 days of your program. However, a feedback would help us improve our services better. This is not available on Celebrity Makeover, Pre Wedding & 4 Weeks to lose it package. ​

Usha Rani Rajaram

Chicago, IL

Thank you Trina for changing my life I would say. I was under your guidance throughout my 9 months, it changed me a new person not only in losing weight and fat but also increased my confidence level and my wardrobe too from XXL to M :). And you are the reason behind my status change from Miss to Mrs. You are remembered forever. Appreciate all your help.​

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