Mentorship Program By Trina Roy

My Signature 12 Week Intensive Program To Help you Build A Profitable Fitness Coaching Business

Unleash Your Passion Into A Profitable Coaching Career


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What The Mentorship Program Does For Those Who Dare To Take Action​


Have a clear vision about your goals & have a proper niche so that you can roar with confidence.

Have a perfect go-to market strategy and help you establish yourself as an authority with social proof.

Open your eyes to the different opportunities in fitness industry enabling you to have a scalable and profitable fitness business.

Walk away with the belief that you are truly worthy of changing peoples lives and Transform.


Nutrition Module

Application of Nutrition Sciences to get real time results in your clients

  • How to make effective diets?
  • How to Handle issues which need special guidance?
  • How to handle clients who face medicinal issues ?
  • How to deal with clients who have a poor food relationship ?
  • Metabolism and other factors that do not let  your clients get your results and how you can master the roadblocks!

Exercise Science Module

Application of Exercise Sciences to design injury proof & safe workouts

  • Understand all training variables and its application
  • Understanding the anatomy physiology & biomechanics
  • How to apply progressive overload & deal with special population
  • Technique of 3 big Lifts
  • When and how to periodize a workout
  • Applying exercise progressions & designing safe workouts

Business Module

Helping you overcome all your mind blocks and get started as a coach

  • Overcoming all the limiting beliefs that is stopping you from unleashing your potential
  • Setting clear personal & financial goals
  • Understanding your Niche.
  • Finding out your target market
  • Creating your own offer
  • Laying that right foundation to kick start your business.

Marketing Module

Co-Creating the right marketing strategy that will help you get quality leads

  • How to do your market research
  • Understanding your audience and generating content ideas
  • Using relevant content to attract the right audience
  • Optimizing your social media handles from your bio to the hashtags that are to be used
  • How to show up consistently to make yourself a strong personal brand & become a lead magnet
  • Creating your content calendar

Sales Module

A structured approach to convert leads to paid clients with ease

  • Simplified strategies and personalized sales scripts
  • Know what exactly to reply to your DM’s
  • A clear understanding of a sales call and how to overcome objections
  • Closing deals with confidence
  • A robust follow-up system to ensure you do not miss out on any sales.

Client Handling Module

Moving from being self dependent to process dependent to provide extra ordinary customer service

  • Importance of having systems and processes
  • Free up time by having the right tools and provide best service
  • Have systems for every step of your client handling process
  • Renewals, testimonials, invoices, etc. all driven by systems so that you can focus on your learning & development.

How will this be Structured?

A one of a kind Hybrid combination of Training & 1:1 Coaching

Personalized Coaching Calls to help you 1:1 specified to your business as needed Master Classes to help you become a part of a bigger learnings & idea sharing Trainings that you would not find on any YouTube Channel Video Tutorials so that you can refer to whenever stuck Templates to structure everything you need easily.

Does this seem to be Helpful?

If you think you need this program and have any extra questions about the same..
Lets Hop on a 1:1 call and understand if we both would be a good fit for each other!

Throughout these 12 weeks..

  • I will open your eyes to the opportunities that are available to you right now in the fitness industry.
  • I will help you get clarity on both the domain and the business part so that can make you a profit.
  • I will teach you how to solve problems and provide value so that you can get results in your clients and grow in this industry.
  • I will teach you the methods that have grown my passion-driven business into 6 and 7 figures.
  • I will keep you accountable to implement these methods in your own work and get results, but you should be taking up action needed.
  • I will be your ultimate support who makes sure that you show up for yourself.

Because you truly deserve it.

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